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Head of School Search

Montclair Kimberley Academy is conducting a search to appoint the fifth Head of School who will start on July 1, 2021. This page is intended to inform our community of the progress of this search and to serve as a resource for communications and information.

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Dear Members of the MKA Community,

As I shared in my letter to the community of January 10, the Board of Trustees has formed a Search Committee and retained a leading executive search firm, Spencer Stuart, to assist in the search for a new Head of School. Spencer Stuart and the Search Committee are tasked with identifying and evaluating the candidates, and it will then be the Search Committee’s responsibility to recommend the appointment of the next Head of School to the Board of Trustees.

The primary role of the Board of Trustees is to ensure MKA’s long-term financial success and sustainability. Therefore, our current and most important responsibility is the hiring of MKA’s next Head of School. It is an honor for each of us to serve the MKA community during such an important juncture in the history of MKA, and it is our promise to be as transparent as possible throughout this process. 

Confidentiality is essential for a search that is respectful of the candidates. The vast majority of high-performing candidates place a priority on their privacy, and thus, they would not consider being a candidate if their names were publicized at any interim stage of the search. To ensure that the highest caliber candidate pool is available for the Search Committee’s consideration, we must respect the confidential nature of this process, and we appreciate your understanding.  

Community input is the essence of a successful search. While the Board is ultimately responsible for choosing the next Head of School, the opinions and insights of the faculty, staff, parents, students, and alumni are critical to the success of the process. Spencer Stuart will spend February 25 and 26 on our campuses, meeting with a wide variety of constituents including parents, Trustees, alumni, faculty and staff, administrators, students, and other stakeholders in our community. The purpose of these meetings will be to learn about MKA, gather information about short and long-term priorities, and hear what qualities our community believes the next Head of School should possess. In addition, the Search Committee will offer an online survey so that all stakeholders can contribute to the search of our school’s next leader. These conversations and the survey responses will inform the criteria that will shape the position profile.

At the conclusion of the search process, the Search Committee will make a final recommendation to the Board of Trustees, and then the Board will vote on the appointment of the recommended candidate as Head of School. We hope to announce the next Head of School in the fall of 2020. 

The Search Committee is comprised of 14 members and I have been designated as the Chair of this committee. I am confident they will represent the Board and the entire MKA community in exemplary fashion as we identify our next Head of School. 

As we move forward, if you feel you know someone who would make an excellent candidate for our next Head of School, please send your recommendation directly to Spencer Stuart at mkahead@spencerstuart.com

With warmest regards,

Kathleen M. Logan
President, Board of Trustees


Search Committee

The Head of School Search Committee includes Trustees and members of MKA’s Administration. The Search Committee will guide the process of selecting the School's next Head of School by working with our search firm to evaluate the candidates, collaborating with our community, and recommending candidates to the Board of Trustees. 
Search Committee Members:

Kate Logan (Chair), P '13, P '14, Board President
Rick Andlinger, P '07, Trustee
Jen Barbetta, P '27, P '29, Trustee
Evie Colbert, P '14, P '16, P '20, Trustee
David Crichlow, P '15, P '18, Trustee
Kathryn Davison, P '18, P '20, P '25, Administration
Cliff Finkle '92, P '25, P '27, Trustee
Karen Gulliver, P '19, P '22, Trustee
Alice Hirsh, P '95, P '03, P '06, Trustee
Michael Johnson, P '06, P '08, P '10, P '13, P '19, Trustee
Lauren Kaplan '93, P '25,  Trustee
Karen Newman, P '15, P '18, Administration
Rob Ruberton, P '26, P '30, Trustee
Jeff Szilagyi, P '19, P '23, P '28, Trustee