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Culture of Integrated Ethics

Turning questioning into personal understanding and global engagement

MKA students work to develop habits of inquiry and reflection as the building blocks of their own moral and intellectual character. They learn about themselves and how they can impact the world around them.

“How can we best develop the moral and intellectual habits of good character?”

MKA’s Culture of Integrated Ethics, rooted in the MKA Character Standards, brings together many different facets of MKA’s curriculum and school culture that simultaneously explore answers to this guiding question.

As students question, reflect, collaborate, and problem-solve, they are intentionally practicing the habits of good character and engaged in an authentic and relevant Culture of Integrated Ethics.

Character Standards for the MKA Community

All members of the MKA community strive to act, speak, and think in ways that are:

Diversity & Inclusion

How can we better understand and appreciate both our own identities and the diverse identities of others? Read More

Educational Technology

How can we digitally connect with the world in ways that are both true to ourselves and respectful of others? Read More

Global Experience

How can we become more informed and active global citizens? Read More

Community Engagement


How can we make a habit of helping others and positively impacting our local and global communities? Read More


Social-Emotional Learning

How can we know and value ourselves, our emotions and the dignity of others in ways that enable us to respond confidently when facing a challenge and contribute to a respectful and collaborative learning community? Read More


How can we develop responsible daily habits that help sustain our environment and improve our local and global communities? Read More