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Diversity & Inclusion


How can we better understand and appreciate both our own identities and the diverse identities of others?


Diversity & Inclusion at MKA encourages students to understand, empathize, and interact with multiple facets of humanity in ways that are equitable and culturally competent, so they are motivated to champion social justice in the world.

Student Diversity Leaders moderate workshops investigating issues of identity and privilege with all 9th and 10th grade students during Community Day in the Spring.

In preparation for reading The Giver, 6th grade students participate in a social issue debate where they work together to better understand the interconnectedness of the problems humans face in society, and they use their oratory and research skills to help other students in the class better understand the history of these issues and the ways in which students can impact change.

Emphasizing the importance of being an “up-stander,” Primary School students read books such as Pinky and Rex and the Bully to learn the importance of respecting their peers, celebrating individuality, and standing up for social justice.

Student Leadership

Student Diversity Leadership Committee (SDLC)