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Kevin Wilkins '83

Kevin Wilkins

Class of 1983 - MKA

Kevin Wilkins was just named Louisianan of the Year for 2020 for the work that he has been doing as founder of his company trepwise. trepwise is a growth consulting firm based in New Orleans that powers organizations to maximize their potential. This year, more than ever, trepwise has been doing a lot of change management with their clients, helping organizations and leaders across the country manage change - reimagining the familiar; reinventing the traditional; envisioning the future. 

Kevin noted that this year is unlike any other, especially since in most other years, we often are choosing the change that we want. "During this time of constant change, let us not forget that we still have the power to choose the change we want in our lives. So I ask people to reflect on the question: What change is choosing me versus what change am I choosing?"