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Trevor Bell

Class of 2007 - MKA

Trevor Bell, 30, of Edgewater, New Jersey attended MKA from Pre-K to 12thgrade and graduated in 2007. After MKA, Trevor attended Susquehanna University (PA) where he majored in Biology. After graduating in 2011, Trevor went on to attend graduate school at Pace University (NY) , majoring in Forensic Science. His plan was to become a Forensic Investigator. However, after years of job hunting, Trevor reached the conclusion that he needed to switch careers.

Therefore, in 2016, Trevor attended New Jersey City University where he majored in Information Assurance/Cybersecurity. This is where the pieces to his life began to fall into place. Growing up, Trevor had a keen interest in technology and was well-versed with computers. He attributes much of this to Mr. William Stites and Ms. Petrucia. Having exposure to information technology systems at an early age provided Trevor with the foundation he needed to succeed, in what would be, his future career.

Trevor ventured into Cybersecurity because of his passion for using technology and helping people. Currently, Trevor works as an Information Security Analyst at Montefiore Health Systems, one of New York’s largest Healthcare providers. Today, technological innovation in healthcare is increasing tremendously. His job not only allows him to protect people using technology, but it ensures healthcare providers are able to administer the most effective care to their patients.