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Victoria Kitirattragarn

Class of 2015 - MKA

Victoria Kitirattragarn ’15 remembers the moment she decided on her career path. "In third grade, they ask you what you want to be when you grow up," she said. "This was easy for me. I chose artist."

Even at a young age, Victoria's vocation was clear. She started violin at three and piano at five and later picked up oil painting in middle school. "My mom encouraged me in everything," she said. "She wanted me to find what I was passionate about and enrolled me in all kinds of arts programs." Studying at MKA gave Victoria the time management tools and academic knowledge necessary to have a fulfilling undergraduate career.

Two MKA teachers in particular really gave Victoria the final boost of confidence before going off to college: Anthony Cuneo and Dimitri Hadjipetkov. Mr. Cuneo introduced her to what it would be like to make art that was more meaningful to herself. She produced some of her best work to this date in his class. Mr. Hadjipetkov created an atmosphere of dedicated musicians who all worked toward long-term goals. At the end of her senior year, Victoria’s achieved her goal of a solo performance at Carnegie Hall.

Congrats to Victoria Kitirattragarn ’15 for following her passions of music and oil painting.