Montclair Kimberley Academy follows the lives and celebrates the accomplishments of its alumni. Two awards specifically honor outstanding alumni achievement: the annual Distinguished Alumni Award and the biennial Athletic Hall of Fame Award. In addition, the Alumni Association gives the Founders’ Cup each year to honor teaching excellence.

Young Alumni Award

The purpose of the Young Alumni Award is to recognize an alumnus or alumna who has graduated from MKA within the past 15 years. He or she will have demonstrated significant service to MKA, and/or have made significant contributions to his or her profession and community. The accomplishments being considered need not be publicly renowned but should reflect a deep and inspirational commitment to the improvement of society. 


Past Recipients

  • Lauren Morisseau ’11


  • Devika Patel '12

Founders’ Cup

The Founders’ Cup Award, established in 1993, is sponsored by the Alumni Association in recognition of MKA’s strong tradition of teaching excellence dating back to 1887. The award is presented to an outstanding faculty member representative of the best qualities of teaching at MKA. The Alumni Association welcomes nominations from all members of the MKA family (students, parents, alumni, administration, and faculty).

Past Recipients

  • 2019 Tony Jones, Upper School Science
  • 2018 Nicole Hoppe, Upper School Fine and Performing Arts
  • 2017 Thomas Fleming, Middle School Grade 4 and Cross Country/Track and Field Coach
  • 2016 Dimitri Hadjipetkov, Tri-Campus Strings Director
  • 2015 Ken Smith, Middle School PE
  • 2014 John Jacobs, Upper School Latin
  • 2013 David Hessler, Upper School History
  • 2012 Ben Goodrich, Upper School Math
  • 2011 Michael Houston, Upper School French
  • 2010 Nancy Gratz, Middle School Math
  • 2009 Jane Smith, Primary School Music
  • 2008 Patricia Forbes, Upper School English
  • 2007 Sonia Tyson, Primary School Spanish
  • 2006 Lynn Salehi, Middle School History
  • 2005 Barbara DuRant, Primary School Art
  • 2004 Geoffrey Branigan, Upper School History
  • 2003 Laura Lemaire, Middle School, Grade 4
  • 2002 J. C. Svec, Upper School Fine and Performing Arts
  • 2001 Donna Blanes, Primary School, Grade 1
  • 2000 George E. Berry III, Upper School English
  • 1999 Ken Bishe, Middle School History
  • 1998 Linda Stark, Middle School English
  • 1997 Karen Newman, Upper School English
  • 1996 George Hrab, Upper School Science
  • 1995 Pat Parke, Primary School, Grade 2
  • 1994 Ken Gibson, Upper School History
  • 1993 Helen Faulkner, Middle School Math

Criteria for Nomination

The purpose of the Founders' Cup Award is to recognize high-caliber teaching in and outside of the classroom. Nominees for the award must demonstrate many of the following characteristics and/or have made a significant contribution to MKA during the past year:

  • Teaching excellence, including classroom teaching, good rapport with students, and a high level of scholarship (in the form of additional formal or informal education).
  • Cooperation with other faculty members, sharing and using novel ideas that improve teaching or school performance.
  • Activities and contributions outside the classroom, including mentoring.
  • Effective communication with parents.
  • Productive innovation and risk-taking in and out of the classroom.
  • Overall contribution to the MKA family.


To be eligible for the award, each nominee:

  1. Must be a full-time MKA faculty member currently teaching a full-time or part-time course load (at least 50% of time must be devoted to teaching).
  2. Must have already completed, prior to the award year, three full years of teaching at MKA.
  3. Cannot be re-nominated for five years after winning the award.

Distinguished Alumni

The current Montclair Kimberley Academy Distinguished Alumni Award was inspired by its predecessor, the Montclair Academy Outstanding Alumnus Award. The purpose is to bestow recognition and appreciation for alumni who have achieved distinction in a field of endeavor, or, through outstanding character or dedication, been of special service to humanity. The award is a meritorious reflection on the school and provides inspiration and encouragement for our young people.



Past Recipients

Distinguished Alumni Award

  • 2019 Nithya Nathan-Pineau, Esq. '03, Senior Program Director-Detained Children's Program
  • 2018 Dr. Lawrence Rosen '84, Integrative Pediatrician and founder of the "Whole Child Center"
  • 2017 Dr. Karestan Chase Koenen ’86, Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health.
  • 2016 Dr. Chris H. Smith '85, Clinical Associate Professor at USC's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.
  • 2015 Kassie Canter ’75, Executive VP of Communications, Viacom Music & Entertainment Group
  • 2014 Susan Schadler ’69, economist, International Monetary Fund (retired)
  • 2013 Paige Cottingham-Streater ’79, international relations expert
  • 2012 Bruce Guernsey ’62, poet and educator
  • 2011 Sally Minard ’60, philanthropist and businesswoman
  • 2010 Nancy Booth Kelly ’52, philanthropist and businesswoman
  • 2009 Jeffrey B. Kindler ’73, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Pfizer and philanthropist
  • 2008 Dr. Alphonsus “Rick” Doerr, Jr. ’78, surgeon and Olympic sailor
  • 2007 Melissa Cohn ’78, philanthropist and businesswoman
  • 2006 Peter N. Perretti, Jr. ’49, Attorney General for the State of New Jersey and Academy trustee
  • 2005 Ross I.S. Zbar ’84, surgeon and humanitarian
  • 2004 Virginia Hamilton Adair ’29, poet and educator
  • 2003 Barry W. Ridings ’70, investment banker, Lazard Frères’ Restructuring Group
  • 2002 Laura Scher ’76, pioneering entrepreneur, Working Assets Funding Service
  • 2001 Parker B. Armstrong ’37, Vice Admiral, USN (retired)
  • 2000 James E. Johnson ’ 79, Undersecretary of the Treasury for Enforcement
  • 1999 William H. Cook ’30, aeronautical engineer, Boeing Aircraft
  • 1998 Robert L. Clifford ’42, New Jersey Supreme Court Justice
  • 1997 Peter V. K. Funk ’39, author and lexical semanticist
  • 1996 Doris Keller Hamlin ’36, pioneering environmentalist
  • 1995 Herbert H. Tate Jr. ’71, President, N.J. Board of Public Utilities
  • 1994 Rudolph H. Deetjen ’50, educator
  • 1993 Ellen R. Malcolm ’65, founder, EMILY’s List
  • 1992 Michael S. Yamashita ’67, international photographer
  • 1991 Karen Vanderhoof-Forschner ’70, founder, Lyme Disease Foundation
  • 1990 Thomas G. Stockham Jr. ’51, electrical engineer and inventor of digital recording
  • 1989 Philip L. Fradkin ’53, author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist
  • 1988 Aubin Zabriskie Ames ’54, quintessential volunteer
  • 1987 James A. Courter ’59, U.S. congressman and military expert
  • 1986 Joseph E. Wiedenmayer ’24, career diplomat and advocate for the deaf
  • 1985 Elizabeth Jones ’53, Chief Sculptor-Engraver, U.S. Mint

Outstanding Alumnus Award

  • 1974 Roger B. Etherington ’41, President, American National Bank & Trust Co.
  • 1973 S. Barksdale Penick Jr. ’21, President, S.B. Penick Co., New York
  • 1972 Arthur A. Goldman ’25, hotelier and owner, All Seasons Hotel & Golf Club
  • 1971 Dallas S. Townsend Jr. ’36, CBS News journalist
  • 1970 Spruille Braden ’10, U.S. Ambassador to Colombia (1939–1942), Cuba (1942–1945) and Argentina (1945)
  • 1969 Howard Van Vleck ’22, landscape architect and Academy trustee
  • 1968 Richard B. Scudder ’31, Publisher, Newark Evening News
  • 1967 Gustave E. Wiedenmayer ’25, President, National Newark and Essex Banking Co.
  • 1966 James S. Vandermade ’35, President, Sowerbutt Quarries, Inc., and MA trustee
  • 1965 Fairleigh S. Dickinson ’37, President, Becton, Dickinson & Co.
  • 1963 Lewis Douglas ’12, U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain (1947–1950)
  • 1962 Edwin D. Etherington ’42, President, American Stock Exchange, and President, Wesleyan University

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Athletic Hall of Fame

Now given every other year, the Athletic Hall of Fame Award recognizes those who have brought distinction, honor, and excellence to the school through athletics.


Past Recipients


  • Alexander Gephart '06, lacrosse
  • George Hrab, coach and athletic director
  • 2004 girls' tennis team


  • Edward Conlin ’84, lacrosse
  • Karen Ladenheim-Martos ’85, fencing


  • Wiemi Douoguih ’88, lacrosse
  • Caitlin Lehmann ’01 (posthumous), swimming


  • Frank Herrmann ’02, baseball
  • Chisako Sugiyama ’05, tennis


  • Terry Detorie, girls’ soccer, basketball and softball coach
  • Anthony Barnes ’79, football, basketball, track


  • Gerard “Jeff” Podesta ’35, tennis
  • Lauren Stefanchik ’01, softball


  • Nancy Tiernan Swenson ’42
  • John Pellecchia ’84
  • Liza Boutsikaris ’99


  • Jennifer Lonsinger Rutherford ’92, soccer, basketball, lacrosse
  • 1984 boys’ lacrosse team


  • Gloria Evans Dodd ’43, tennis, platform tennis
  • Gerald Jones ’77, track
  • Solomon Johnson ’87, football
  • Wayne Elliott ’88, tennis, soccer
  • 1954 men’s basketball team


  • Maryl Riter Walker ’39, equestrian
  • Peter S. McMullen ’77, ice hockey
  • Alphonsus “Rick” Doerr ’78, sailing
  • Tom Boutsikaris, fencing coach
  • 1988 girls’ fencing team


  • Mark Baran ’74, swimming, water polo
  • Judith Dixon ’67, tennis
  • William Hall ’82, lacrosse
  • Jeremy Kahn ’93, fencing
  • Betty Logan (posthumous), field hockey coach


  • David Jacobs ’40, football
  • Max Jones ’78, football, lacrosse
  • India Hayes Larrier ’80, fencing
  • Mark McGowan ’85, football, golf
  • Earl Perretti ’74, wrestling, cycling
  • Alexa Magna Yannuzzi ’87, tennis


  • Donald Bren ’48, football
  • James Johnson ’79, track
  • Elizabeth Nolley ’86, all-around
  • Michael Sucoff ’56, football, baseball, track
  • Jill Tobia Sorger ’88, fencing, tennis
  • 1984 boys’ tennis team


  • Georgia S. Carrington ’54, racquet sports
  • E. Alden Dunham ’49, tennis
  • Laura Marnell Garvey ’78, basketball
  • 1982 ice hockey team


  • Robert J. Cerfolio ’80, baseball
  • Kimberley E. Charlton ’90, fencing
  • Waldemar L. Deetjen ’12 (posthumous), all-around
  • Philip E. Donlin ’54, football


  • Betsy Gelenitis Alison ’77, sailing
  • Robert T. Cottingham Jr. ’84, fencing
  • Helen Jones Gordon ’42, equestrian
  • Sean Jones ’80, football
  • Mary Rachael Hayes McDaniel ’82, fencing
  • Carmen M. Marnell, coach
  • Scott Schulte ’77, water polo
  • Edwin Van Brunt (posthumous), coach

Nomination Form & Criteria

  1. Nominee must have been an outstanding varsity athlete, coach, athletic director, trainer, or major contributor (financial and/or participant) at MA, TKS, Brookside, or MKA and/or brought distinction to the school through related and subsequent athletic accomplishment.
  2. Student nominees must have attended MA, TKS, Brookside, or MKA for at least two years and have graduated from MA, TKS, Brookside, or MKA. Student nominees must have graduated at least five years prior to the year of nomination.
  3. Nominee must have conducted his or her life in keeping with school standards and in a way that reflects positively on MKA.
  4. The nomination can be a posthumous award.
  5. Nominees may nominate themselves or be nominated by alumni or others.
  6. Every other year, a minimum of one qualified male and one qualified female will be selected. Nominations will be kept on file for subsequent years’ review.
  7. A team may be inducted.

Honorary Alumni Award

The Honorary Alumni Award (previously named the Honorary Alumni Distinction) was created in spring 2010 to address both the perceived need for, and the strong desire of the Montclair Kimberley Academy Alumni Council to honor those members of the MKA family who have made a significant, easily recognizable, and direct impact on MKA students and the community of learners. The recipient of this award can be any employee of the school who has served MKA for 10 years, in any capacity. Award recipients can be teachers, administrators, custodians - anyone who has made the kind of mark on MKA that unquestionably deserves merit and recognition. As an Honorary Alumna/us, award recipients are considered graduates of MKA. As such, they will receive all invitations, recognitions, and notices of events just like those who’ve received diplomas from the Academy. The charter members of this new Honorary Alumni group were clear and obvious choices for what will become, going forward, an annual Alumni Council recognition and distinction.


Past Recipients


  • Ronnie Califano


  • Ginger Kriegel


  • Debra Allen


  • Mary Elliot


  • No award was presented


  • Donna Carrara and Nixon Bicknell


  • Elvoid Christmas


  • Nate Fuller (posthumous) and Dr. David Flocco


  • Al Rehus and Robert C. Hemmeter (posthumously)


  • Judy Nesbit and Denise Brown-Allen