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Varsity Fencing - Girls

Team Information

Sports are supposed to bring out the best in people. I am a firm believer that the trials a person faces during athletic competition helps them to grow and mature. It’s not always painless, but the benefits will always outweigh the drawbacks.

Head Coach: Mike Alexander

Head Coach Since: 2016

College(s) or University(s) Attended & Degree: Montclair State University, B.S. Physical Education

Other Athletic Accomplishments: Second Team All-State NBIL Football Award. Captain of Indian Hills High School Football Team (2 years).

Prior Coaching Experience: Assistant for Montclair State University Ice Hockey, Assistant for MKA JV Baseball, Assistant for MKA Middle School Ice Hockey


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Athletics Roster


Kendall Ramsay (Sr.) -- East Orange

*Clara Turck (Sr.) -- Montclair

Odelia Akaho (Jr.) -- Orange

*Alanna Clayton (Jr.) -- Union