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Varsity Golf - Boys

Team Information

As head coach, I try to create a program where players can improve their game individually and enjoy competing as members of a team, pursuing the common goals of improvement and athletic achievement. Golf is an individual sport and players who are excellent high school players have made themselves excellent through countless hours of individual practice. So playing for a team is a unique experience in the life of any golfer. Whether we emerge as conference champions or whether we struggle to compete against other strong Essex County Schools, we emphasize playing as a team, winning as a team, losing as a team, supporting each other, never making excuses, representing MKA with pride, and passing on a tradition of excellent sportsmanship to future generations. The lessons learned from playing competitive golf with honor last for a lifetime. Integrity, fair play, sportsmanship, and respect.

Head Coach: Jefferey Beer

Head Coach Since: 2006

College(s) or University(s) Attended & Degree: Trinity College - BA Classics; Yale Universtiy - M.Div.

Prior Coaching Experience: Varsity Squash - Poly Prep School 1994-2002;
Varsity Golf - Poly Prep School 2002

Other Athletic Accomplishments: Varsity Golf, Captain: Phillips Exeter Academy. Intercollegiate Squash and Rowing, Trinity College. 2009 Colonial Hills Conference Golf Coach of the Year.


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