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In honor of Black History Month (BHM), the MKA Middle School had some wonderful, diverse offerings for all members of our community during the month of February. We started the month off with the recognition of Black History Month during our all-school assembly. Student representatives shared the importance of Black History Month and spoke about what celebrating it means to them.

In addition to continually including Black history in the regular curriculum for each grade, the History Department held multiple Black History drop-in workshops during each flex period in which students were able to participate. Students enjoyed a BHM Family Feud game and a Jeopardy competition. Students were also given the opportunity to attend two virtual field trips. The New York Historical Society taught our fourth and fifth graders all about the Harlem Renaissance and our sixth through eighth graders about Citizenship in the Age of Jim Crow.

The History Department also hosted virtual Joyful Fridays, which included a variety of crafts and read-aloud stories that celebrate the achievements of Black Americans.  Additionally, there are two more virtual field trips for students coming up in April and May; one is hosted by the National World War II museum, and is about African American participation in World War II, and the other will be hosted by the National Women’s History Museum and will discuss the contributions of Black women in the Civil Rights movement.

Students in grades 6-8 participating in a virtual field trip with the New York Historical Society called Black Citizenship in the Era of Jim Crow.