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Middle School students had the opportunity to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in a variety of fun and educational ways this year!

From a painting session inspired by Frida Kahlo to a virtual cooking lesson making pastelitos de guayaba (guava puff pastry), each activity allowed students the hands-on opportunity to learn about different aspects of Hispanic culture. View the complete list of activities and browse the photos to see some of the activities in action! View more photos.

Movie (8th Grade)

Movie: (Disney’s) McFarland, USA (rated PG)

Hosted by: Ms. Foley and Ms. Giangreco

History in the Kitchen (7th Grade)

Hosted by: Mrs. Amendola 

Topic: What is Hispanic Heritage Month? Make Pastelitos de Guayaba (Guava Puff Pastry)

Bachata/Salsa Dance Lessons (6th Grade)

Hosted by: Señora Toscano and Mrs. Cabido

Learn How to Play The Taino Game of Batey/Batu (5th Grade)

Hosted by: Ms. Asia

Learn about Frida Kahlo & Paint What Inspires You (4th Grade)

Hosted by: Mrs. Rincón