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Announcing the New Office of Student Support

MKA is proud to announce the establishment of the new Office of Student Support. The former Counseling and Academic Support offices have merged, which marks an important step in the school's commitment to nurturing every aspect of our students' growth within a diverse, collaborative, and inclusive environment. This tri-campus office provides exciting new opportunities for student and family programming, cross-campus collaboration, and professional development for MKA employees.

Heading this office are two exceptional leaders: Daniella Kessler, our inaugural Director of Counseling (DoC), and Laura Demaria, Director of Academic Support (DoAS). They will mindfully bridge mental health and wellness initiatives with academic support services, guiding student success from Pre-K to twelfth grade while meeting developmentally appropriate needs at each campus.

In the search for a Director of Counseling, Daniella Kessler emerged as the ideal candidate to complement the efforts of the Academic Support team. With over 15 years of experience in mental health and school counseling, including roles on the West Coast and within MKA since 2014, Daniella brings a wealth of expertise and passion to her new position. Throughout her tenure at MKA, Daniella has demonstrated unwavering dedication, serving in various capacities such as Middle School Counselor, Tri-Campus Coordinator of Counseling Services, member of the Middle School Administrative Leadership team, and active participant in campus-based committees. Her appointment, alongside Laura Demaria, signifies a centralized approach to fostering social and emotional well-being and academic growth and delivering support to students, families, and colleagues so every member of the MKA community can thrive.