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Celebrating MKA Class of 2022 "Lifers"

On Thursday, April 21, the annual ceremony celebrating MKA’s graduating “Lifers” was held at Upper School in the Johnson Family Academic Center. Each of the 31 students from the Class of 2022 that have attended MKA since they were in Kindergarten received an MKA blanket as well as a photo frame that contained their Kindergarten picture alongside their senior portrait. Administrators, parents, and students enjoyed recognizing and honoring this special MKA milestone.

Class of 2022 Lifers (not all pictured):

Maggie Beer, Christina Bonarti, Shelby Carter, Bryce Cherry, Brennan Columbia-Walsh, Patricia Columbia-Walsh, Natalia Espinosa Dice, Izy Feraca, Angie Flocco, Caleb Fossett, Gannon Green, Martine Gulliver, Philip Hadjipetkov, Liam Hall, Cinderella Hu, Katherine Hulse, Dhruv Jetley, Perri Katz, Maya Kittles, Daniella Krenteras, Liam Manlowe, Evie Maxwell, Connor Murphy, Katie Nossa, Casey Salzman, Chloe Skipper, Brodie Snyder, Avery Song, Clara Turck, Isiah Udofia, Jacob Wolfson