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Third Graders Celebrated at Closing Exercises

MKA’s Third Grade Closing Exercises were held at the Primary School on Friday, June 7. Head of Primary School Yungjin Oh welcomed the teachers, families, Trustees, Head of School Nigel D. Furlonge, and the future fourth graders. During the ceremony, songs were sung, certificates were awarded, and the accomplishments of this wonderful group of students were joyfully celebrated.  

Mr. Oh's message to the graduating class centered around the power of storytelling in building community. “My wish for this class,” he said, “is to keep telling and listening to stories from each other. This will not only bring your class together but also strengthen it. …If stories shed light on who you are, then I can confidently say that this class is smart, funny, curious, silly, respectful, and most importantly, HAPPY.” This strong sense of community, Mr. Oh assured them, will find a new home on their next campus.

Mr. Furlonge addressed the students and recognized the support and partnership of Primary School teachers and families who made their Brookside experience so enriching. He noted the soon-to-be fourth graders’ adventurous spirits and said, “You are creative, curious, and imaginative. You are resilient. You are willing to explore different paths.” Mr. Furlonge spoke of their blossoming love for the arts and the infectious joy they brought to recess. He highlighted the invaluable skills they honed at Brookside: problem-solving, reading fluency, imaginative writing, and, most importantly, kindness and compassion. "We are proud," he concluded, "to say that much of who you are and who you will be was forged here at Brookside."

Congratulations to the students and their families. We wish them all the best as they move on to future adventures!

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