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Eighth Grade Class Celebrated at Closing Exercises

Proud families, faculty, administrators, and Trustees filled Logan Auditorium on Friday, June 7, at the Eighth Grade Closing Exercises.   

Head of School Nigel D. Furlonge reflected on the students' Middle School experience, drawing inspiration from the eighth grade’s fall play, The Phantom Tollbooth. He offered five key lessons: seek and offer help, appreciate life's daily lessons, perform acts of service, and show kindness to those around you. He also noted that in addition to transformative academic experiences, the Middle School journey nurtured a love of learning with purpose and integrity. Students were encouraged to explore, question, and push ideas and boundaries artistically, athletically, and intellectually. They confronted challenges, forged friendships, and learned resilience.

Student leaders noted the significant milestone of leaving Middle School behind. Caleb Kwon, Student Government President, said, “Don’t let doubt hold you back. The world is yours for the taking; you have everything you need to make your dreams come true. Stay curious, and keep learning…this all begins with saying ‘yes.’” Student Government Vice President Georgia Aitken shared encouragement. “Every challenge we’ve faced in middle school, we’ve worked through,” she said. “There’s a saying: ‘Leave the past in the past,’ and I encourage you all to do just that. Learn from your mistakes. Put them behind you and keep going, but don’t be afraid to look back every once in a while and see how far you’ve come.” 

Head of Middle School Dr. Carlaina Bell expressed her gratitude to the entire community. Praising the students' growth, she said, "Your compassion, thoughtfulness, and sense of community have enriched everyone around you. Congratulations! As you embark on this new journey, I have no doubt you are all well-prepared." 

Congratulations to the Eighth Grade Class of 2024! To view more photos from the ceremony visit