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Gridiron Goals: Safety and Strength for the MKA Football Program

Looking ahead to fall 2020, the MKA Athletics Department has purchased new helmets for all players in the Upper and Middle School football programs. Reflecting the school’s overall commitment to the sport as well as an understanding of safety issues within it, the helmets will be instrumental in protecting our athletes.

The Schutt F7 VTD Collegiate Football Helmet has several advanced safety features previously unheard of in helmet construction. They have the most advanced impact absorption system in football, and there are “3-Dimensional Movement Tektonic Plates” strategically located in the most impacted areas of the helmet. In addition, the “Helmet Stabilization System” incorporates a larger, more comfortable jaw pad configuration, internal and external stabilizers, and high-performance impact foam to create a secure, “locked-in” feel inside the helmet.

Anthony Rea, Head Football Coach, feels that, "The addition of new football helmets helps the Montclair Kimberley Academy Varsity and Middle School football programs continue their mission to provide top flight equipment to our players and allows them to play the game they love safely. By utilizing the most up to date helmets in addition to limiting contact in practice, we follow every measure to keep the game safe. We have an extremely dedicated team of athletes, and they will be fired up to wear these new helmets in September!"

We can’t wait to see the Cougars take the field against their opponents knowing that they are well-protected and prepared to play their best in every practice and game of the season.