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Congratulations to MKA senior and Montclair resident Isabel (Isa) Lucas who has been named a Morehead-Cain Scholar in the Class of 2025 at UNC-Chapel Hill.
As set out in the Program’s founding documents, selection criteria for the Morehead-Cain Scholarship are leadership, moral force of character, academic achievement, and physical vigor. Morehead-Cain recipients are chosen based on their record of inspiring peers to work together, displaying courage and humility, and thriving in an academically rigorous environment. The Morehead-Cain Scholarship covers all expenses for four years of undergraduate study at UNC–Chapel Hill, and it features a distinctive program of summer enrichment experiences designed to stretch students beyond their comfort zones.
Isa serves as student government President at MKA. She is a fierce advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in education as a member of her school’s Student Diversity Leadership Committee. Isa also serves as assistant director for MKA’s full theater season and is a passionate promoter of the arts as president of the Student Council for the Arts. She is a member of the soccer and basketball teams and teaches sailing and windsurfing during the summer. In addition to studying at MKA, Isa is a graduate of the School for Ethics and Global Leadership in Washington, D.C.
“Isa is such a source of pride for us here at MKA,” said Head of Upper School David Flocco. “This prestigious scholarship provides opportunities for its recipients that are unsurpassed in undergraduate education. UNC looks for the finest incoming freshman they can find from around the world, and they certainly got one in Isa Lucas. Though not a "taker" herself, Isa will certainly benefit from the opportunities provided by this scholarship. If she continues to give in the way she has at MKA, the University will gain a lot more in return.”