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MKA Announces Exciting Employee Transitions

MKA is pleased to announce two employee transitions within the school. We are fortunate to have a wealth of talent within our community and individuals who are willing, able, and excited to take on new roles.

Jill Maza will expand her role at MKA to include educational technology, and her new title will be Director of Libraries, Research, and Educational Technology. Jill’s tri-campus leadership experience and her years of serving on the Educational Technology Committee inform her bold vision to more fully integrate MKA’s learner-centered approach to educational technology with the development of students’ digital literacy Pre-K–12. As she takes on this new position, Jill will continue to be the Upper School Librarian, and her office will remain at the Upper School campus. Jill looks forward to spending more time on each campus as she works with the tri-campus Library, Educational Technology, and Technology Teams to shape MKA’s Ed Tech future.

Shanie Israel, former Middle School Dean Of Community Life, English teacher, and Tri-Campus Multicultural Curriculum Coordinator, will now be serving in a new, hybrid position. As the Associate Director of Curriculum, Professional Development, and Multicultural Innovation, Shanie will maintain an office at the Middle School campus. She will be working closely with the tri-campus Curriculum and the Diversity and Inclusion teams as well as with individuals and teams of faculty and administrators at all three campuses. Shanie’s extensive experience with all of MKA’s constituent groups in her diversity, inclusion, and multicultural curriculum work and her passion for developing curricula that is both respectful and inspiring for every student will allow her to make an impact from the moment that she begins to learn this new job.

Comprised of faculty, administrators, and students, two Search Committees worked diligently to review applications for both positions. The process and the strong candidate pool were reminders of the dedication and capacity of our MKA colleagues and the transformative potential of what is yet to come!