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MKA Celebrates Third Grade Closing Exercises

MKA’s Third Grade Closing Exercises were held at the Primary School on Friday, June 9. Head of Primary School Yungjin Oh welcomed the teachers, families, Trustees, Head of School Nigel D. Furlonge, and the future fourth graders. During the ceremony, songs were sung, certificates were awarded, and the accomplishments of this wonderful group of students were joyfully celebrated.  

In his speech, Mr. Oh described his own personal journey of learning the popular playground game, Gaga, over the course of the year. Overcoming and celebrating the challenges, mistakes, and joys inherent in learning anything new, he said, are skills emphasized at the Primary School and important for life beyond MKA. He shared, “There is never one straight path to the finish line. Adaptability, flexibility, and a growth mindset are needed not just to succeed at the Primary School but also as an adult.” 

Mr. Furlonge encouraged the third graders to share their appreciation for the Primary School teachers, their families, and fellow students themselves. He recognized how much the students had grown in the classroom, in the arts, and on the fields. As they move on from Primary School, Mr. Furlonge said, “If you are brave enough to make a mark – or to try something new or to say hi to a new person or to try to solve that challenging puzzle – you have created the chance to see what else is possible.” 

Congratulations to the students, and we hope they embrace all the possibilities as they move on to the next stage in their education!

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