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MKA Colleagues Assume New Roles
MKA is pleased to announce that Erica Budd and Jenny Rosenoff will be transitioning to new roles and working in close collaboration for the benefit of the whole school. Their direction and support of educational technology, libraries, and research will provide an essential foundation for the vibrant, transformative education MKA provides its students.
Erica Budd, a key member of MKA’s Educational Technology Team for 22 years, is now MKA’s Director of Educational Technology. Erica will provide a seamless transition in vision and leadership, and she will continue in her Upper School roles as Technology and Learning Coordinator and Coordinator of Professional Development. The epitome of a lifelong learner, Erica brings her deep expertise in both brain research and best practices in teaching and learning to her work. She consistently keeps students, their learning, and their digital literacy at the center of educational technology decisions, while remaining focused on the best ways to capitalize on technology to enhance and innovate teaching and learning.
Jenny Rosenoff will be MKA’s next Director of Libraries and Research. A key member of the MKA Libraries team as Primary School Librarian for the past year, she will continue the school’s innovative approach to student research and information literacy, champion initiatives around reading, and partner with the Technology and Educational Technology departments on a comprehensive vision for digital literacy at MKA. Jenny will also serve as Upper School Librarian and will continue to share her steadfast commitment to the value of libraries and to collaboration with her students and colleagues.