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MKA Eighth Graders Celebrate Closing Exercises

The Eighth Grade Closing Exercises were held in Logan Auditorium on Friday, June 10. Proud parents and family members joined with the MKA faculty, administration, and Trustees to reflect on the students’ time at the Middle School. Head of School Nigel Furlonge addressed the group and told the students, “Based on what I know you’ve experienced here at the Middle School, I’m confident that you can and will excel together in cultivating your vision and integrity in pursuit of knowledge.” He left them with three pieces of advice: learn to ask for help; move through the world with integrity; and finally, “Remember this, he said: “the wide path is a safe one. There is much to learn from the wide path, and learn you should. But the narrow path, the hard path, will have more meaning.”

Student leaders shared reflections on the past and hope for the future. Looking back, Sami Tokat remembered the small, unsure, young fourth graders that began Middle School together five years ago, noted important memories including class trips, epic bottle flipping contests, and lessons learned from athletics, and exhorted his classmates to continue following their hearts. Saniya Bansal said, “How are we ‘ready’ for high school? I guess that’s kind of up to us isn’t it? Ready or not, here we come. It’s every choice we’ve made this year, that’s going to influence next year and the years to come. It’s the decisions we’ve made individually, and as a class. Today, class of 2026, our lives change yet again. This day doesn’t put us across a finish line; it transfers us to a new starting line. How we get through the next race, well, that’s up to us. And I for one, can’t wait.” 

In closing the ceremony, Head of Middle School Dr. Carlaina Bell said to the students, “I’ve marveled at your connections to one another, your genuine love of each other’s company, and your appreciation for being back in school together. That connection is special and it is something to be celebrated.” She continued, “My hope is that WHEN these 8th graders are faced with a problem, whether small like a friendship issue, a class assignment, or big, like changing the law, they will take what they have learned at the MS to question, collaborate, engage in discourse, and seek resolution or make positive change.”

Congratulations to the Eighth Grade Class of 2022!

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