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MKA Varsity Football Team Dedicates the 2022 Season to Senior Morgan Decter 

Prior to the home opener on Friday, September 2, the MKA Varsity Football Team announced that the 2022 season will be dedicated to senior cheerleader Morgan Decter and her courageous fight against Hodgkins Lymphoma. 

The team will wear purple (the Lymphoma support color) this season in her honor. Morgan was on the field for the first coin toss and shared, “...I joined some of my oldest friends, football captains Jordan Fishback and Nic Lembo, for the first coin toss of the season. When I turned my back to look at the bleachers, seeing a sea full of my family, friends, and classmates in purple made me realize that I am not battling this alone. I know it is said to me a lot, but to see it in person has a different effect.”

The Decter family has been a part of the MKA community for over 30 years. Morgan has attended MKA since kindergarten and is a proud MKA Lifer. Her parents, Jamie ’93 and Mitch ’94 met at the Upper School. Her brothers, sophomore Ryan and fifth grader Jackson, are also MKA students. While this may be a difficult journey for Morgan and her family, the MKA community stands strong behind them all. 

MKA sends Morgan love, positivity, and support as she faces this journey with resilience. Your Cougar Family is with you every step of the way! 

For those interested in sharing their support, we encourage the community to follow Morgan on Instagram (@roadtorecovery111) as she documents her road to recovery.