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The 8th Grade Closing Celebration for the Class of 2023 made Friday, June 7, 2019 an exciting day at MKA's Middle School campus. Proud parents and family members joined with the MKA faculty, administration, and Trustees to reflect on the students' time at the Middle School. Youssef Abukwaik recounted the journey the 8th grade class had taken through the Middle School and shared that "these past five years have welcomed great change and growth but some things have stayed constant like giving Dr. Kleinman a fist bump first thing in the morning." Grace Rendino also spoke and looked at the years ahead. She said, "The advice I would give to each one my classmates for next year is to never be afraid to set goals for yourself, never be afraid to take risks, and open up to the idea of failure- in fact, embrace it- and maybe in the can reach your goal."

Head of Middle School Dr. Randy Kleinman reflected on the joys and challenges of the last few years and proudly recounted the role of the faculty and staff for the students. He said, "We work very hard to make sure everyone understands the importance of these years: what you learn about various subject areas, about how to be a student, about who you are as a person, and about how you interact with each other in a community. Your middle school years are a unique and essential – and quite beautiful – part of your growth and development."

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