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The 8th Grade Closing Exercises were held outside on Van Brunt Field on Friday, June 11. Proud parents and family members joined with the MKA faculty, administration, and Trustees to reflect on the students’ time at the Middle School. Head of School Tom Nammack said, “This particular class of 8th graders has been described as ‘rock stars,’ by someone who knows them very well,” as he reminded them to thank the “roadies” who supported them both in and outside of school. Student leader Ben Morganstein shared his perspective on his experience since 4th grade and especially this year, “As we have all witnessed, the future can change in an instant. What won’t change, however, are the strengths we have all gained as a result of our challenges. There are a multitude of ways to describe our class such as compassionate, courageous, and brilliant, but I believe it's the traits we’ve developed in the past year--persistence, creativity and optimism--that will truly define us.”

Student Body President Lola Kaplan explained the Hero’s Journey to the audience, which is a major theme explored at the Middle School, and connected it to the students’ experiences over the years. She said that ultimately, “I would define a journey as something that not only challenges you but inspires you to be the best version of yourself.”

Head of Middle School Dr. Randy Kleinman was thrilled to celebrate this important milestone in person and credited the 8th graders with having “the kind of leadership that has gotten us to where we are today.” He told them, “You managed to figure out how to navigate your way through this [pandemic] with a simplicity and common sense, kindness, and compassion that have made this uncommonly difficult year one filled with uncommon rewards as well.”

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