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Congratulations to the outstanding Montclair Kimberley Academy students who have been honored with academic, engagement, and athletic awards. We could not be more proud of their hard work, dedication, and the impressive feats they have accomplished during the 2020-2021 school year! The virtual ceremony can be accessed here.



Junior World Language Prize – Awarded to the top Junior student in world languages. Each year, the Upper School World Languages Department recognizes the top student in the eleventh grade. The student who earns this award excels in and out of the classroom and engages in the study of language and culture with empathy and understanding. Students are nominated by their current teachers, and then the awardee is decided upon by the department as a whole: Clara Turck

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal – Awarded jointly by the Math and Science Departments, the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medal is presented to a junior who shows superb performance in the study of mathematics and the sciences. Award recipients will receive a merit scholarship to RPI if they attend: Andrew Kim

Feagley Award for Creativity – Awarded jointly by the English and Fine and Performing Arts Departments in memory of Elizabeth O’Neil Feagley to a junior for outstanding creative expression: Ava Chickering

Frank Brogan Memorial Award – Awarded jointly by the English and History Departments, the Frank Brogan Memorial Award was established in 1982 by the members of the class of 1972 in memory of their classmate Frank "Poncho" Brogan.  It is to be awarded to that member of the junior class who shows a special interest and high proficiency in the art of written expression: Dhruv Jetley

Elliot Furbert Memorial Award – Given annually to a worthy junior of outstanding character and academic promise, this award honors the memory of Elliot Furbert, MKA Class of 2014. In his time at the Upper School, Elliot demonstrated what happens when an unmatched work ethic and appetite for challenge meets broad opportunity and strong mentorship. In his academic program, on the track, while playing tenor sax, as president of his class, and in a series of prestigious programs outside of MKA, Elliot stood for quality and integrity ne plus ultra. The recipient must possess the fine qualities embodied in Elliot: intellectual curiosity, a high level of engagement in a variety of school activities, and unwavering character. The recipient will receive a monetary award to be applied to his or her college expenses: Angie Flocco

MacVicar Prize – John George MacVicar, founder of The Montclair Academy of Boys in 1887 and founding father to Montclair Academy, created a school whose vision was to prepare students for the academic rigors of college life while emphasizing the importance of character development. This vision became the central focus upon the merger of Montclair Academy and The Kimberley School and remains a central focus for Montclair Kimberley Academy. In his own words, “The formation of character, the cultivation of sound principles of truth and honor, and the illustration of right ideas regarding what is worth attaining in life, are considered equally as important as academic subjects.” Over one hundred years later, we honor these values as we recognize outstanding members of the junior class who have realized these goals. The MacVicar Prize is awarded to juniors of outstanding personal character who have demonstrated qualities of leadership and good citizenship and who have made a positive contribution to the Montclair Kimberley Academy community: Brennan Columbia-Walsh, Ayantu Flowers, Olivia Okun-Dubitsky, Noah Weinberg

Faculty Scholar Awards – Established by the Upper School faculty to recognize and honor students who have demonstrated unusual intellectual curiosity, seeking knowledge for its own sake rather than for material rewards: 

9th Grade –   Hannah Ewing, Ellis Fertig, Maggie Horn, Constantine Krenteras, Elias  Solomon, Hilal Tokat

10th Grade – Michael Cai, Caroline Murphy, Julian Hough, Carolina Lucas, Lucy Wexler

11th Grade – Natalia Espinosa Dice, Dhruv Jetley, Cindy Hu, Noah Weinberg



Presidential Service Awards- A government premier volunteer awards program that encourages citizens, through presidential recognition, to live a life of service. Awards are based on hours of engagement: a Bronze Award to students who perform 100-174 hours; a Silver to students who perform 175-249 hours; and finally, a Gold Award to students who perform over 250 hours of community engagement. The following students were recognized for their Community Engagement hours:  

*Please note: for Ninth Grade Community Engagement Awards, Bronze is 50 hours; Silver is 75 hours; and Gold is 100 hours minimum.**


9th Grade –   Julia Larish, Maddie Polanskyj, Naya Saker 

10th Grade – Frankie Bexon-Reid, Michael Cai, Lindsay Driever, William Hofmann, Caroline Murphy, Jack Roselund, Anya Singh

11th Grade – Connor Murphy, Koome Murungi, Dylan Sachs, Clara Turck      


9th Grade – Jack Mac Evoy


9th Grade – Hannah Ewing

10th Grade – Maddie Wheeler

11th Grade – Ayantu Flowers, Aaron Lefkowitz



Klein Awards – Given in memory of Dr. William Klein, eminent physical sports enthusiast and grandfather of two graduates of Montclair Academy. The Klein Awards recognize one male and female student athlete in each grade who exemplify, within the current school year, excellence in athletics and character and achieve a creditable record in academics. Award winners must demonstrate dedication to their studies and a positive and respectful attitude towards their teachers, coaches, and peers:

9th Grade –   Maggie Horn, Nick Snyder

10th Grade – Bella Douglas, Omar Martinez

11th Grade – Patricia Columbia-Walsh, Jake Pryor