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Second Annual Alumni in the Arts Production: Improv Edition

Ten years ago, with the help of Steve Higgins and Stephen Colbert, both of whom had children under her tutelage, Nicole Hoppe built on her strong background in the genre and launched a now thriving improv program. These partnerships and dedication to expanding opportunities for students are hallmarks of an MKA education. On Saturday, June 1, Upper School Fine and Performing Arts Department Co-Chair Nicole Hoppe couldn't hide her joy at reuniting with alumni improv players. "Saying goodbye to these students after four years is always the hardest part," she admitted. However, the second annual alumni production, held at the Primary School and celebrating the improv program's 10th anniversary, provided a heartwarming opportunity. "To be back in a theater, creating laughter with so many familiar faces," Nicole said, "was a gift beyond words."

Side-splitting laughter rang through the halls for the entire 90-minute show. The audience witnessed first-hand the unbelievable talent of the alumni players and how much heart every one of them gave on stage. A huge thank you to all who made the production possible, as well as the amazing cast members: Krissy Bylancik ’15, Peter Colbert ’16, Ross Turkington ’16, Katie Kunka ’18, Patrick Napolitano ’18, Ethan Gross ’19, Jaycee Brill ’20, Hayley Cirenza ’20, John Colbert ’20, Arianna Jobst ’20, Jamen Meistrich ’20, Jonah Barbin ’21, Alex Glotzer ’21, Brennan Columbia-Walsh ’22, Veronica Gonzalez ’22, Taylor Powell ’23, Maddie Quart ’23, Craig Brill ’24, Elliot Higgins ’24, and Logan Zur ’24.

View photos of the event or enjoy the recording of the production.