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Student Advocates Recognized for Building Bridges of Respect and Understanding

The Montclair Race Amity Initiative selected Emma Choy ’24 and Alana Arcilla ’24 to receive this year’s Race Amity Award, which recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to promoting friendship and understanding among people of different races and cultures in the community. In his nomination of the two students, Paris McLean, Assistant Head of School for Diversity, Inclusion, and Antiracism (DIAR), noted that Alana and Emma “made the topic and conversation of AAPI studies at MKA typical. What were once hidden conversations, or only whispered in aspirations now carry deep roots within MKA and will allow future students to take the lead.“ Their outstanding contribution of the RiceIsMe website, which required extensive research and effort to create, now lives within the Office of DIAR's digital resource page and has become an important tool for MKA’s faculty, staff, and Trustees dedicated to diversity efforts. 

Noted as true MKA Learners and recognized for their ethical leadership, Alana and Emma were presented with their awards on June 9, Montclair Race Amity Day. The event drew close to 100 attendees celebrating the themes of peace and unity. Emma and Alana were introduced by Paris McLean and gave thoughtful and reflective acceptance speeches. The 4th Annual Montclair Race Amity Day celebrated the Montclair community and the individuals in it who are building bridges of understanding and respect among people of all backgrounds and continues to gain momentum and grow.