MKA's Class of 2028 moved on from the Primary School during Closing Exercises on June 7. We proudly watched our third graders formally end their Primary School years, taking with them dreams of becoming engineers, chefs, adventurers, authors, police officers, Olympic swimmers, architects, Major League Baseball agents, and veterinarians. We even have individuals dedicated to saving endangered animals and those who want to become dancers, doctors, YouTubers, actors, artists, inventors, bakers, magicians, professional athletes, feminists, and scientists. With their talents, they can be anything they desire! Whether they accomplish these goals or others not yet imagined, we wish this year's third grade class all the best as they begin new adventures. We would like to thank Ann Banegas, Jane Smith, Kristen Weaver, Dana Rose, Daniela Vespucci, Kate Caro, Maureen Bates, Margaret Gonzales, and Coach Pacifico for preparing our students for and supporting them on their big day!

Head of Primary School, Rachel Geringer-Dunn, celebrated the fact that this was the last year holding the Closing Exercises in the current gym as next year they will be held in the newly-renovated auditorium space. Ms. Geringer-Dunn shared many memories of the last year with the students, and her pride in them was evident. She said, "You are leaders, learners, writers, and community activists. ...You showed us that you are teammates, athletes, supporters, and friends. ...We have seen you as musicians, orators, collaborators, and even teachers. Last but certainly not least, you are role models for all of your Primary School classmates and especially for your Pre-K buddies, who look up to you with so much respect and admiration. Thank you for setting such a powerful Cougar example for all of them."

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