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MKA’s Third Grade Closing Exercises were held outside at the Primary School on Friday, June 11. Families, teachers, administrators, and Trustees proudly watched our third graders formally end their Primary School years. Co-Director of Primary School Margaret Gonzales welcomed the participants and acknowledged the day and the months leading up to it. She shared, “I feel uplifted sharing this moment with you after so many months apart. What a treat to be together again. Thank you for joining us in celebration of your children’s growth, achievement, and authentic selves. Bold, expressive, thoughtful, engaging, and passionately alive, these children live each moment fully and with gusto.” 

Co-Director of Primary School Maureen Bates left the students with advice as they enter a new chapter of their lives. After so many projects, challenges, and experiences together, they should remember that “friends solve problems better when they work together as a team.” She said, “In the future you’ll be part of so many teams. Your fourth grade class will be a team. Your family is a team. You’ll play on sports teams and be part of musical and artistic groups and join clubs, and they will all feel like teams. On those teams, remember how helpful it is to say positive and encouraging words, to listen to each other, to plan ahead, and to collaborate. The world needs you to take all that you learned about being a teammate here at Brookside and to bring that with you.” Congratulations to our Third Graders!

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