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Upper School Students Take the Lead: A Day of Community Connection and Ethical Engagement

On Thursday, May 2, the Upper School held the first Ethical Leadership in Action Day for all ninth through eleventh graders. Through activities and service projects at off-campus sites, students slowed down, partnered with local organizations, and reflected on their ethical leadership development. Kerry Verrone, Dean of Student Life and Tri-Campus Chair of Ethics, organized the day with incredible support from the entire Upper School community. Kerry described the uniqueness of the day. “On a beautiful spring day, students had a perfect opportunity to do school a little differently, engage with the community, and explore the inherent connections between leadership, service, ethics, and action.”

Ninth graders traveled to South Mountain Reservation and worked with the South Mountain Reservation Conservancy to clean up the park. Collectively, they picked up and disposed of 40 bags of trash! 

Students in tenth grade traveled to The Pingry School: Pottersville Experiential Learning Campus for the first Sophomore Ethical Leadership Retreat. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect  as sophomores just completed their Ethics and Leadership Seminars and have also fulfilled their Tenth Grade Community Engagement requirement. One student shared, “The sophomore retreat was a great time to bond with friends. The beautiful outdoors made it easier to reflect and, overall, it was a thought-provoking day.” Through activities and discussions, they considered and answered questions such as, “What experiences thus far have resonated with you? What challenges have you faced and what sparks you to action?” 

Eleventh graders traveled to several parks throughout Montclair to prep the gardens for the season. Their efforts will prove beneficial for the local community in the months ahead.

The success of the Ethical Leadership in Action Day is now part of the Upper School tradition of community service and paves the way for future events as MKA continues to foster a generation of ethical leaders who are engaged with their community and committed to making a difference.