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What is the Sunday Community Book Fair?

The Sunday Book Fair is when MKA opens up the Book Fair at the Middle School to the surrounding community and MKA families.

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How does my child pay for the books?

Your child will pay using their student charge account or simply their name and homeroom teachers name.

Do I need any training to be a volunteer?

NO! Each campus has a volunteer coordinator that will be on campus to help explain any position you sign up for. Cashiers do have a training before the Book Fair begins, but if you are unable to make it come a few minutes early to your shift and we can do a quick run through. Visit the Book Fair Homepage to volunteer at your campus. 

What is a charge limit?

At the Primary School we ask for parents to set a spending limit for your child so that the floor volunteers are aware of their budget while shopping the Book Fair and can help them make the best selections. The form can be found here. The Middle School and Upper School do not have charge limits so please discuss spending limits with your student(s).

Why pre-order books?

When you pre-order books from the visiting authors from ANY campus you can have them signed and delivered to your child. You can pre-order books here. 

How does my Middle or Upper School student get their book(s) signed by visiting authors on their campus?

After listening to the author speak, students can choose to purchase the author's book and get it personally signed by the author. 

Will my child be shopping alone?

In the Primary School they will go shopping with their class during their scheduled time. The shopping schedule for the Primary School can be found on the PS webpage. You can come and shop with them during that specific time.

The Middle and Upper School students can go shopping on their own time and with their class.

How many times will my child be able to shop?

In the Primary School your child will be able to shop with their class, after school with a parent until 3pm, and at Pajama Night. The Middle and Upper School students can shop whenever they have free time. All students and families can shop on Sunday at the Middle School. 

What is PJ Night?

Pajama Night is a wonderful event where Primary School students can wear their PJ’s to school for a giant party! Parents can shop hands-free while Brookside students enjoy crafts, a movie and snack, and more. You can RSVP here.

Can siblings come to PJ night?

Siblings are allowed to shop with parents/caregiver. Unfortunately, the activities in the classrooms are for current Primary School students at MKA.

What are teacher picks?

Teacher picks are books that you can purchase to donate to a teacher’s classroom. Once purchased your book it will be delivered to the specified teacher.

What are Gift Certificates?

By completing this form, you can purchase Gift Certificates as a gift to your teacher to purchase books from the fair. 

What is the Faculty Tea? 

Book Fair is one way we give thanks to our teachers & administrators. At The Faculty Tea teachers can preview new books at the fair, recommend age appropriate reading for our kids, and shop using Gift Certificates. You can donate to the Primary School Faculty Tea or Middle School Faculty Tea.

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