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The Roadmap Back to School

In our ongoing commitment to keep our community informed about our return to school plans, we are happy to share this comprehensive brochure. In it, you will find all-school and campus-specific details and protocols for the 2020- 2021 school year.

This resource is also available for you to download in the Veracross parent portal.





News From the Business Office

COVID Testing for Your Child(ren)

We are requiring students to be tested and the results of the testing to be submitted via Magnus Health by Wednesday, September 2We are not accepting results of a COVID-19 rapid antigen test

Please note: We will be happy to work with families that have already taken a rapid antigen test. If your child(ren) has already taken the rapid antigen test, the school will accept these results. Families who have not yet had their child(ren) tested should ask for a molecular/PCR/RNA test, rather than an antigen test. If families are having difficulty in meeting the September 2 deadline, the school will extend the deadline to September 8, but we ask that you email your campus nurse to let them know.

In regards to locations for testing - One option that is worth considering for children is the Vault saliva test. They ship to your home and walk you through how to complete the test. They definitely test minors.

Information on test locations is also available on Your pediatrician should also be able to direct you to a testing location that provides testing for children. PM Pediatrics in Livingston offers testing for children of all ages. They also have other NJ locations.

Home and School Covenant

It is necessary for all MKA families to acknowledge The Home-School Covenant by Wednesday, September 2. You will be asked to confirm that you have read and will adhere to the agreement as a requirement in Magnus Health.

Magnus Health Forms

There have been a limited number of people reporting an issue with their completed forms disappearing in Magnus Health. This was caused by duplicate accounts being created during this transition. If you have this issue, please contact Codi Scarpello via email at

Do NOT reload everything! The forms have not been lost and can be retrieved. It has only occurred to a very limited number of accounts but it can be fixed.

Logging-in to Magnus Health:

  • Parents can access Magnus Health via the Veracross Parent Portal.
  • While we await the single sign-on functionality to Magnus Health, you may need to login to Veracross and then re-enter your Veracross username and password credentials, a second time, to access Magnus Health.
  • If Magnus Health does not recognize your password, you will need to reset your password in Veracross. You can do this by clicking your profile in the top right corner and selecting "change password." (Note: the video overview below includes instructions on how to reset your password in Veracross).
  • Next, click on Magnus and enter your Veracross Username and the new password that you have just set.
  • If you are having issues accessing the Veracross portal, please email Alek Duba, Coordinator of Information Systems.  

News From the Technology Department

Video Overview - Veracross Parent Portal

As of Monday, August 24, every MKA parent should have received credentials to log into the Veracross Parent Portal. This new portal replaces the former version hosted on All resources that were previously available are now easily accessible right in Veracross. If you are having issues accessing the Veracross portal, please email Alek Duba, Coordinator of Information Systems.  

As a reminder, within the new Parent Portal in Veracross, you will be able to see your student(s) report cards and comments, search student, faculty, and staff directories, and view the MKA calendar. Veracross will replace Moodle for Middle and Upper School students, providing them with more convenient, one-stop access to their daily schedules and assignments and allowing students and faculty to utilize a fully integrated Learning Management System.

We encourage you to watch the video overview below that will introduce you to some of the features and benefits of the Veracross Parent Portal. We will be covering additional topics about navigating the portal in future tutorials. 

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MKA's Online Bookstore

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MKA is excited to provide the community with an online store for your shopping convenience!


Access to campus bookstores will be limited this upcoming school year. Browse all of the items available online by visiting the site below. 

Visit Bookstore