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Top 5 Technical Troubleshooting Tips

1. RESTART, RESTART, RESTART - We can’t stress this enough!!!  When restarting your laptop, quit all open apps and use the “Restart” option under the Apple menu.

For other devices (phone, table, Internet router), if there is an issue, restart it. Some of these other devices benefit from waiting 10 seconds or so prior to turning them back on, though this will vary depending on the device.

2. MKA Resources (Pencil icon - located in your Dock) - You will find links to commonly used applications and utilities you may need. When troubleshooting a problem you may be directed to resources here by a member of the Technology Department.

3. Tech Help Desk - You can access the tech help desk via the link in MKA Resources or

Open a ticket with the MKA Tech Department for help with a technology problem. Tickets entered here will be routed to the right person and will give all of us the ability to see issues and track their resolution. 

  • Log in with your MKA username (first initial & last name - faulty/staff or first initial, last name & YOG - students) and Moodle/Google password.

4. Email - Please try to submit a Help Desk ticket first. If you can’t, please email  Emails sent to this address will be forwarded to the correct person and a Help Desk ticket will be created to track the issue going forward.

5. Remote Session - In the event that your problem can’t be resolved via any of the steps above, a remote session will be set-up between you and a member of the Tech Department using TeamViewerQS. You will need to install the TeamViewerQS app from the “Utilities” section of MKA Resources.