Our Program

Inherent to the excellent education students receive at MKA are two values that are central to our Diversity and Inclusion work: that MKA has a responsibility to prepare our students’ cultural competencies for a society that is growing more complex and global, and that all students work best when they – and their families – are seen, known and truly accepted for who they are. In order to be your best self, you must first be able to be yourself.

We continue to build our cultural competency as a framework for our interactions with one another and for the work that we do together, which relies on our ability to empower our students, families, faculty and staff to create a more inclusive MKA community.

MKA’s Pre-K-12 team of diversity and inclusion practitioners helps to take the pulse of the school community. Our Diversity and Inclusion Parents Committee provides guidance and feedback on our goals and planning. In its third year, this committee was an instrumental partner in developing our Statement of Purpose and our Parents of Students of Color affinity group, in addition to other policy and programming recommendations.

MKA has committed to exploring a variety of important identifiers, fully understanding that conversations about some identifiers may be especially challenging. Our 2014-15 Community Theme is “Gender and Sexuality,” which we are striving to explore in a pedagogically sound and developmentally appropriate way for all of our students. To help us in this important work, MKA has engaged Dr. Jennifer Bryan, a nationally recognized consultant, researcher and educator on these issues, who has presented to our faculty, administration and parents.

We look forward to an exciting and rewarding year in which MKA will continue to develop as an inclusive and welcoming community.