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Student Voice and Empowerment

The ultimate goal of a multicultural education is to empower students to question the world around them and enact positive social change. The students play a vital role as MKA strives to be a school that disrupts racism, is inclusive of all identities, and evaluates school culture, programs, and policies with an equity lens. MKA has created structures that allow students to grow as leaders, give feedback to the institution, and ensure that MKA is an equitable school.

Black Student Experience Task Force (BSET)

The Black Student Experience Task Force (BSET) was established in 2019 to address areas of school life that negatively impact the Black student experience at MKA. The Task Force consists of Black student leaders and school administrators and faculty. It is charged to make recommendations to the Head of School and Heads of Campus about school policy (particularly discipline), culture, curriculum, and faculty racial competence. 

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Affinity Groups

Affinity groups provide safe spaces for students to explore their identities and shared experiences. Students have the  opportunity to connect, build community, and construct positive relationships. Affinity spaces also serve as a platform for student voices to be heard. All groups are facilitated by MKA faculty members that share the same identity.  

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Middle School

  • Black Girls 
  • Black Boys
  • Students of Color

Upper School

  • Black Girls
  • Black Boys
  • Asian Students
  • Mutiracial Students
  • Middle Eastern Students
  • Spectrum (LGBTQ+ Students)

Diversity and Inclusion Clubs

Middle School

Diversity Club - The Diversity Club works with the faculty diversity and inclusion leaders to help promote diversity and inclusion at the Middle School. Activities include assembly programs, educating the community, and organizing school-wide events to raise awareness about issues related to race, religion and other marginalized identities.

B.U. (Be Yourself) - B.U. is a student driven Middle School Gender and Sexuality Alliance that is hoping to educate themselves and others about the LGBTQ+ community. The group consists of allies and members of the LGBTQ+ community with the hope that everyone has a safe place to be themselves.

Upper School

Student Diversity Leadership Committee (SDLC) - SDLC is a student-led organization at MKA that empowers its members and its community to:

  • Examine and question social injustices, including privilege, racism, inequity, and discrimination in the MKA community
  • Create new opportunities to learn, train, and grow as informed and proactive citizens
  • Work towards creating a more diverse, intersectional, and inclusive community through community engagement, meaningful and restorative dialogues, and collaboration with students, faculty, and administration

Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) - To create a safe space for everyone and to design programming to educate the MKA community about LGBTQ issues

Student Curriculum Committee - This group was formed in the summer of 2020 by students who possessed the desire to discuss their experience with MKA’s curriculum. The Student Curriculum Committee partners with the Administration and faculty to help to advance the school’s anti-racist work.

Shades of Color - The mission of Shades of Color is to promote an environment of solidarity for students of color and celebrate diversity.  The club welcomes all students and serves as a safe space for students to discuss issues that students and other people of color face.

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