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Tonight was really awesome. We had a farewell dinner at Quan Ju De, probably the most famous Peking Duck restaurant in the world. The dinner was so good and the duck was amazing. Also, tonight was my birthday so we had an amazing birthday celebration. It was great because
1. There was cake
2. It was with all my friends
3. I got a crown
4. 何老师 (he lao shi) was there

I was smiling so much! Then he lao shi and mr. Hessler gave a speech thanking everyone on the trip, including our awesome tour guides in Xi'an and Beijing, Yi Li and Charlie. They also thanked He Lao Shi's husband Mr. Shen, her daughter Iris, and all of us for being awesome. It was sad because we all got very close on the trip and we didn't want it to end. After that emotional fiasco, we all went back to the bus and headed back to the hotel to pack and get ready for our 13 hour flight tomorrow!!!!!