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On June 18th we visited the terra-cotta warriors in the Shaanxi province. I learned that this was the only world cultural heritage in this province and that it was a huge tourist attraction for indigenous and foreigner people.

The museum consists of 3 pits. The first pit consisted of 6000 warriors and the next two held 2000. Pit 3, in particular, had an up close view of the warriors and their weapons as well as bronze chariots that the warriors used.

After visiting the terra cotta was warriors, we took part in some volunteer services for the museum by surveying people on their thoughts about the museum.

It was a great experience to interact with other and see their point of view of how they view Chinese culture. We also went to see a play in an area that had a beautiful landscape. Although, I didn’t quite understanding what the people were saying, the effects that the actors and cast displayed were magnificent and left the whole group awestruck. That June 18th in China for us and hopefully we can keep having more experiences like this.


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