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Today was very long but very interesting. We started off the day at a 7:15 am departure to the Terracotta Warriors. After arriving to the museum we were able to skip the lines to get in, thanks to connections in the museum, and go right through. Here we were met by a wonderful tour guide who showed us through the three pits of warriors. The first pit was the largest by far, with thousands of soldiers erected from the ground some still in almost perfect condition.

After learning about the warriors we had lunch, where we had a small competition to see who could eat the most bowls of ramen, in which I won. Then, we took part in a class where we learned how to restore a Terracotta Warrior, and restored a model ourselves. We will bring the little warrior home. After this, we took part in a service project, where half the group went around and corrected all the signs to proper English translations; while the other half went around and surveyed people to help gain feedback for he museum.

After we left, we went to a very special Chinese Musical. Upon arrival I was not expecting much, but when we explored more into the theater I was very surprised to see it was located in an old ancient palace. The performance itself was outstanding, it was on a stage in water and had thousands of moving parts. The mountain in the background of the outdoor stage was even covered in thousands of stars, and included a moon and waterfall. The play truly blew away the whole crowd as nobody was expecting a performance this outstanding. Then finally after the long day ended, we arrived back to the hotel by 10:30 pm.


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