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This morning we had breakfast late, waking up at 9:30 and meeting at 9:50, which was nice after a very busy trip so far. We did our signature bakery/grocery store run but were allowed to go off on our own to a pancake house if that was what we preferred. At the pancake house we had very rich Oreo, Nutella or banana pancakes which were amazing. After breakfast we had free time until 12 in which we purchased our gifts to bring back, hung out on the rocks, got some more food and all in all enjoyed our last few hours in Korcula. We met at the ferry at 1 to head to Split and arrived at 3:30 after card games, cat naps, and what for me was a seamless ride. Pulling into Split was an entirely different feel following the small beach town vibes of Korcula. There were huge passenger ships, yachts and cruises lining the expansive port. After getting settled at the hotel (which we were ecstatic to see had very nice accommodations), we took a small tour with Ms. Healy to get our bearings in the bustling city. On this tour Jack had an encounter with a Roman king guarding the entrance of the walled old city. He was pressured to kiss this king’s toe as many had done before him, and in doing so caught the attention of two Roman soldiers who then wanted to make sure there was no more funny business. Within the city’s beautiful streets, designer shops and high-end restaurants were numerous. After the tour we had a short free time which only lasted 30 minutes but allowed us to get to know the streets and shops navigating on our own. Dinner was meat of all kinds, fish, veggies, risotto, and gnocchi of monstrous proportions for everyone to share. The restaurant featured a nice second floor sitting room with windows overlooking the outdoor seating and the port. After dinner, Adam came through again with a great recommendation for ice cream in which we as a group completely finished their reserves of the hazelnut flavor. Another block of free time followed where we spent time at antique stands and frog museums, which featured taxidermy frogs in strikingly human-like positions. In the free time we continued to experience the truly electric vibe of the city as we wove through the cobblestone streets, passing those from around the world who mirrored our excitement The relaxing travel day was capped off with an awesome debrief in the center of a park by a beautiful fountain right out of the black and white movies. We all have mixed feelings going into tomorrow, dreading leaving this truly stunning place but looking forward to sleeping in our own beds and seeing our families!

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