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Hi everyone it’s Nathalie and Aron here! Today we had a late morning, got to sleep in yay! We went down to breakfast and took three different cabs to the top of the mountain, overlooking Dubrovnik. Unfortunately, the cable cars that were meant to transport us to the top of the mountain were closed due to tax disputes in the city. The view was nevertheless stunning and many breathtaking pictures were taken. We could see all of the town and the never ending Adriatic Sea. We also visited the war museum on the top of the mountain. The museum was an interesting experience because it gave us another perspective on the war. Many weapons were displayed and maps provided crucial evidence of the territories. For those who are in favor of originality, the museum was preserved from its first construction back in the day. The walls were covered in bullet holes and other war like features. We rode back down to the city, and got lunch on our own budget. We went around in groups to different restaurants looking for a great meal. After we were ready to work, we talked to tourists and store owners and asked them questions regarding our project. From their advice and help, we created new ways on how to improve problems such as over tourism and/or how to improve the tourist experience. At 2 o’clock, we all took the bus to the hotel to pick up our bags. We all hopped on the ferry at 4 o’clock. The ride was two hours long; some of us slept and some of us enjoyed the beautiful view and cool breeze. Once we arrived in Korcula we dropped off our bags at the hostels. We then went to an awesome pasta dinner. We had free time; some us got ice cream and our varsity soccer killed locales in a heated soccer match. 


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