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Hi! It’s Meghan Halvey here reporting from Korcula day two. We started the morning off with an early morning run to the “fish market” for those who wanted to come along. Rohit had been planning this fishy excursion all day yesterday- claiming it would be a life changing experience and coercing us all to wake up an hour early- only for the 12 of us who tagged along to discover only a tiny one room shop with one or two fish. While it was a little disappointing, especially for Rohit, we all got to help and pick out the picnic style breakfast we had in the courtyard of the local chapel here in Korcula. We ate a mosh posh breakfast collected from the local grocery and French bakery while listening to the sound of the bells ringing. 

After that, we all (begrudgingly) hiked up to a nearby restaurant with a stunning view and began to narrow down our ideas for our design thinking project. We worked with Adam, the head of Atlas, to brainstorm solutions to the problems with the local economy we have identified while on the island. 850 ideas later (literally) we were all able to pick our top three ideas and present them to the group. From then, we used Star Wars stickers to vote on our favorite ideas, placing a sticker on the ideas we liked the best. The ideas with the most Yodas and Darth Vaders placed on them were printed and handed out to group. From those top ideas we were able to identify each of our favorite three categories to explore and will be placed into our final project groups tomorrow. If you ask me, the Star Wars sticker system seems to be the best form of voting out there.

For lunch, we had free time to explore the island and given kuna to eat at any restaurant we chose. My group found this amazing Asian restaurant on the water which was a much-needed break from the local food we have been eating every day. After lunch the whole group was able to go for a relaxing swim at the gorgeous beach here. Rohit even got to display his new speedo! We wrapped up at the beach and had some island time to explore. Many of us were able to go to the market and buy antique pins, cameras, and goods from a local. The people on this island are truly amazing. 

For dinner we travelled to another village on the island and were able to learn how to make the local macaroni eaten here daily. We were given dried figs from the restaurant’s own fig trees and sweet lemonade to help cool off from the heat.  Before we ate, we travelled to a viewpoint of the whole village with the restaurant owner, Frank, and listened to his history and relation to the island. He was very welcoming and we had an amazing dinner of the handmade macaroni. After dinner we travelled back to the old city for free time, which included even more ice cream (Mr. Cook likes to get at least two a day), henna, shopping, and soccer with the locals. Nathalie and I were able to play with a few local Croatians two-on-two. The game quickly escalated and soon we had a full-blown international game of soccer in the plaza. Unsurprisingly, the Croatian team bested us again. But, the 2022 world cup is coming up so our rematch is not too far away. 

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