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Hey Mom and Dad, and everyone else, Regan here! To start off out first full day in Korcula, we had a late start to the morning, to adjust to the laid-back island vibe of Korcula, and had a nice breakfast at the sister restaurant of the place we went to dinner last night. We then had time to interview some locals of Korcula and explore the city a bit more. After all that hard work we were rewarded with a mid-morning swim on the rocky but nice beaches. Don’t worry, we stayed away from the sea urchins.  For lunch we went to eat at a restaurant where a local had introduced smoothies to Korcula. Unfortunately, the smoothie machine was down, but we did get to enjoy other iced drinks to cool down in the heat of the afternoon. After lunch we had more time to brainstorm and do some more research with locals and tourists alike before heading to a sandier beach on the other side of town. After relaxing in the water, we headed back to the hostel to get ready for our vineyard dinner. We took a bus to a nearby village, Lumbarda, filled with vineyards, and had a small trek, led by a local dog, to our dining spot overlooking the beautiful vineyard and town. After a meal of meat, fish, and other traditional Croatian food, with a small interruption of a Corpus Cristi parade, we headed out to the vineyard to do some sightseeing and a few photo shoots. The owners’ daughter, Anya, entertained us by teaching us some Croatian, picking us some flowers and stealing some sunglasses (she gave them back). We also saw their dog and cat, who were happy for us to feed them our food. After a walk down to the main town of Lumbarda, we got to take a boat back to the city of Korcula, where with some arm wrestling, we got to watch the sunset. After an ice cream stop, we watched and competed in another soccer game with some local Croatians. Thanks for reading!


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