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Hey everyone, its Cassie Polanskyj! Today we started the morning off by going on a breakfast run at about 8:15am with Rohit, Rohan, Resham and me. We got tons of food and the funniest part was when Rohan dropped a brand new pack of blueberries all over the floor of the supermarket and had to slowly pick them up while still being half asleep (as we all were). We had a breakfast all together in the square between our two hostels consisting of fruits, pastries, more yogurt, and corn flakes. 

We started our day off with group project work. Today we finished researching and presenting our projects that we have been working on in Korcula. Personally, J, Kayla and I (the best group) worked on ways to get people biking and hiking up in the mountains of Korcula. It was a fun way to see how we could improve tourism here as well as bring a new crowd to the island. After a 30 minute research time going around the island we all headed to the amphitheater and talked with Adam. 

Before our research session with Adam, there was a quick intermission in which we all played a game of soccer, boys vs. girls, and with no surprise the girls won (!!!). Adam had some fun ways of organizing our data and questions for our projects. We wrote a list of assumptions specific to our individual projects and then graphed them on a scatter plot based on whether the assumptions were unknown, known, important, or unimportant. In our groups, we then used this graph to organize what we needed to do in our next free research period around the island. We gathered our thoughts and wrote a hypothesis, put our evidence together, thought about some challenges, and our future steps. Once we did a ton of thinking and putting our final projects together, it was finally lunch time.

We ate lunch at a restaurant called Silk. It was on the water and had a gorgeous view of the sea. Silk was an Asian restaurant and we all got to order whatever we pleased (with a budget of course). I personally got a dish that had pasta and veggies and it was delicious. We all got to just relax and soak up the last full day we had on this beautiful island. What better way to do that than to go down to a swimming spot that was near a ton of rocks we could sit on. We all enjoyed the refreshing (but cold) water and swam and played football. The guys finally found a football to use and we all passed it around in the ocean. This beach was different compared to the other beaches because we couldn’t really stand in the water. The ground was covered in black sea urchins. It was so much fun and the perfect way to relax after researching all morning. 

After our swim break, we all got to have 2 hours of free time to just wander the town of Korcula and get ready for dinner. Personally, some of the girls and I got ready for dinner and walked around looking in the local shops and market. After everyone got ready for dinner and out of their bathing suits we all went to the park outside of the old town and got to present our project ideas. Each group got to share all of their hard work in front of each other. Following the presentations, we got to go to dinner. We took a short bus ride to a close by town called Lumbarda and ate a delicious Peka dinner. The coolest part was that the chef who cooked our meal had won Master Chef Croatia.

Following dinner, all of us got to have a lot of free time all together and were able to all hang out. We played some soccer and some of us got ice cream or crepes. Overall, it was a super fun day and night and can’t wait for an even better day tomorrow.

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