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Hi everyone, it’s Resham and Rohan! We started our morning off with another picnic style breakfast. Both of us, along with Nat, Holden, and Rohit, went to the local bakery and supermarket to pick up food for the entire group. Rohit got a little enthusiastic at the grocery store and bought an entire bottle of Croatian yogurt. All that protein definitely got him through another long day. Most of us stuck to chocolate pastries and some blackcurrant juice (and some fruit; we are doing our best to meet the nutritional demands of the trip). The group met up with Adam and Sean (a new friend with a suave but slightly rugged beard) who tagged along for the kayaking trip. We went down to the beach, paired up, and set off across the beautiful blue Croatian waters. It was cloudy so it didn’t get too hot, and we eventually arrived at a small island with a little beach and a monastery nearby. We quickly decided to get in the water after our kayaking workout. We were actually able to jump into the water (thanks to Mr. Cook), and we watched out for the treacherous sea urchins lurking in the water, ready to attack. Just kidding, they just sat there. After many jumps, a figure appeared in the distance… Blinded by his grace and beauty, we shielded our eyes. The one and only Adam stood before us bearing sandwiches! They were surprisingly delicious, warm, and filling considering they were delivered by boat to a remote island, but so far we’ve learned to never trust Adam’s powers. The sandwiches were so enthralling that even non-humans wandered over trying to get a bite. Two deer prowling the beach were set on our sandwiches but we just ignored them and they left us alone. They weren’t that intimidating, and it was hard to take them seriously considering one had yogurt all over its nose.  Nevertheless, the group devoured our sandwiches, while deer silently watched us in the back. 

            After lunch, we kayaked back to the mainland to do some project work. We received our groups for our final project and began to research. Our groups visited local shops and interviewed tourists to collect our ideas, but not before getting some ice cream first. We are on an island after all. When project time finished, the group hopped on a bus to a beach in Lumbarda. We were all very excited for a beach WITH sand and WITHOUT sea urchins. Some of us were in the water for a long time, while others decided to build a sand castle. Sand castle is a gross understatement. It was more of a sand city. Our construction had sea walls fortified with large rocks, sand arches and monoliths, bridges across moats, and a complex draining system. We worked on it for about thirty minutes and would have worked more, but sadly, the castle was absolutely demolished by a large wave. But c’est la vie. If we were still four years old we would have been quite upset, but on this trip we’re really learning how to be mature and act our age.    

All of us walked to a local pizzeria for a much-needed meal. In total, we ordered around 10 pizzas and it still wasn’t enough. Some of the boys needed another pizza pie to satisfy themselves. After a full meal, we walked along the sandy beach while skipping rocks. Rock skipping has become a sport on this trip. At the end of the day, the project groups met with a chaperone to discuss our plan of action for tomorrow. We were still a little bit crushed after our soccer defeat yesterday, so we just went for some more ice cream and a night stroll around the town. Overall, we had a more relaxing day compared to our previous ones in Korcula. We can’t wait for the next day and the rest of our time in Croatia.  

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