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Group:  Ms. Budd, Reilly Hughes, Audrey Lipson, Claire Sharbaugh, Ronny Bhatia, Grant Consalves

Group Name: Airbudds

Today I saw the other of the House finally go into the house and see it fully for the first time and genuinely get so happy and it made me happy too and realize the real reason why we are all here.

Today was the first day when I could truly see all the work we have done and it was just really impressive. We had an intense cement fight and may I say, Air Budds excelled in throwing cement. Definitely sore but worth it. ALSO there was the most adorable puppy on the planet and it was a pleasure to hold it.  

All the work today finally paid off as we were saw the huge visual progress of the house. I especially loved how we were finally able to bond with the family at our house. They gradually warmed up to us and I enjoyed talking to them towards the end of the day.  This was definitely one of the highlights of this trip.

I think that another highlight of the trip was realizing how close we all are as group and as a school in general, and how we can come together to help each other whenever anyone needs it. Even in an environment other than side school it was really amazing to see how much each of us were able to connect to each other.

I have never been so happy to be this sore and tired. This is probably the hardest, most rewarding work I have ever done and the community we have created is truly heartwarming.  Even though I don't speak Spanish, I feel like we are all so connected (especially while attacking each other with cement).

Today we finished the walls of the house. We hauled and lifted countless cinderblocks into the house and up onto scaffolding. We climbed up onto the scaffolding and filled the spaces between the cinderblocks with the cement we mixed by hand with just shovels. Our day ended with hauling 120 buckets of sand up to our worksite to get ready for preparing the cement floor tomorrow. It's been very physically demanding and I've been so impressed with my group (and all the other students on this trip) -- these kids have done all the work with a smile. The fun we had today with the cement fight and the water fight later in the day has only brought everyone together -- our group and the other groups. We feel connected with the workers leading our group, Wilfred and Belton. Getting a bit closer to Sandra, the mother, and her sweet 1 yr. old daughter Kimberly was wonderful today too. Watching our students bond with the Guatemalan children in the neighborhood today brought tears of joy to my eyes. The genuine kindness between our kids and these young children was so very evident. The smiles on everyone's faces spoke so much more than words ever could. It was magical.