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We started the day by visiting the medical clinic sponsored by from houses to homes. It was built in 2010 and offers free health care to people of "From Houses to Homes" houses as well as affordable health care to other members of the community. They offer several types of general practice services as well as pediatrics, gynecology, and dentistry. 

After that, we put the finishing touches (literally) on the houses. We painted them two different colors inside and out, and ended the day with a key ceremony. Their were several teary eyes as the families thanked us for building them a new home and we thanked them for welcoming us to their world. The families told us that we are family to them and welcome any time, while MKA students shared that the families had opened their eyes and changed their perspective of the world. 

There were also plenty of smiles and laughs at the ceremony as well. Children, grandchildren, nephews and cousins of the families gathered for a boisterous piñata party.