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            We began the day today visiting a school created by the House to Homes Organization, where we further learned about the organization itself as well as met some of the founders of the program. We then were able to meet the students at the school and had around an hour to play with them. We danced with them, played card games, took pictures, and let them wear our sunglasses. They even came up to us and gave us hugs randomly because they were so excited that we were there. It was great to see how happy they were to meet us and have someone to play with them.

            Afterwards, we went to the worksite and finished the floor of the house as well as the walkway. Rafael, Pamela, and Anderson were all waiting for us right outside the house when we arrived. After we were done working, we painted Pamela’s nails pink and braided her hair – she was so happy! The kids took us to a river behind their house and explained to us that when the river overflows due to a hurricane or such, it’s possible for their entire house to be wiped away. This broke our hearts and further substantiated our feeling that the work we are doing is truly life changing for this family. After playing with the family, we played soccer with the workers and people from the community. As they said, it was us, “The Gringos”, versus them. This was an amazing experience because we got see our workers in a different light and compete against them. Another highlight of the game was that we got to see a part of the Guatemalan culture in ways we have never seen before. The workers and children alike played the game and showed us what they do in their free time. It was nice to see how they can have fun with each other outside in the sun instead of playing video games and being on their phones.

            On the pickup truck back to the hotel, Daniel, one of the workers, explained to us that he and his dad own and play in a team that actually plays on an international level. He said it’s difficult for young adults in Guatemala to get opportunities for either work or school so creating this team is not only a great way for him to spend his time, but to also to keep local teens from drugs and alcohol. He says they practice from Tuesdays to Fridays 7:30pm to 10:00pm AFTER he has been working all day with us/Houses to Homes.

            To conclude the day, we returned to the Hotel from dinner, and stuffed our piñata for tomorrow. We picked out two piñatas: a Mickey Mouse piñata and a Paw Patrol piñata. We intend to hang them in the house tomorrow as part of our last time with this family. We can only imagine how excited the kids are going to be. Tomorrow is going to be an emotional yet rewarding day as we are going to hand the families the certificate of ownership for the house and say our final goodbyes.

Peace and love,

The Power Squad