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Our day started off with a breezy pick up truck ride to the site. We met up with our two guides Edgar and Teo. We picked up where we left off yesterday, filling in the cracks and continuing to build the walls of our families house. After we reached 7 layers of cinder blocks, we leveled the ground within the house and broke for lunch. At lunch we saw the cute dog, “Jalapeno”, and met our family’s daughter, Jamie. Jamie had just come from school, where she had learned to say “My name is Jamie” in English. We danced, taught Jamie to say some English words, and shared our lunches (she loved the Oreos!). 

When we resumed working, we started mixing cement, and then used it to fill in the U shaped cinder blocks which fortify the middle of the walls. While working, we named all the chickens after various dishes (nugget, cutlet, rotisserie, kung pao, tikka masala, popcorn chicken, parmesan, and fingers). Next we assembled the scaffolding (which Mira and Nicoleta had never heard of, haha) all while choreographing a team dance to Adele (Mr. Cook slayed it according to EVERYONE). We finished the work day, and jumped in our pick up for the beautiful and bouncy ride back to our hotel. Now we are going grocery shopping (Mira’s favorite hobby) before showering and dinner. Max is still a machine (according to Edgar and Teo) and has some war wounds on his palms to prove it! Julia loved the kitten and named the dog Boomer (even though his name is technically Chase). Navya is also obsessed with the dogs, and many of the students here are plotting to smuggle some canines home. 

We are all looking forward to another great day tomorrow! -Julia L, Navya, Nicoleta, Max, Mira, and Mr. Cook