Wednesday night, there was nothing for me to write about. I found myself hitting a wall, so I opened up my laptop to procrastinate. I checked my email to see a message from Ms. Maza about a workshop on creativity in the Idea Lab the following night.

Initially resistant to the idea of any sort of obligation, I didn’t sign up for the session. But realizing the subject of the workshop and knowing I had to get out of my writing stupor, I decided to go.

An hour and a half session with Petra from the Montclair Art Museum was just what I needed. I needed to click refresh, to get out of my head by seeing how others use their imaginations and view creativity.

We munched on pizza and talked about what creativity really is, where it comes from, and how we cultivate it, which is essentially the goal of my May Term – to see under which circumstance(s) I write best.

At one point, each of us were given a pencil, a piece of paper with 30 blanks circles, and 2 minutes to make the circles into as many things as possible. The urgency spurred on our creativity. In another exercise, I saw how others arranged and rearranged post cards to construct some sort of sculpture. Though none of us are sculptors, it was fascinating to see how each of our creativities manifested in that form of art. In the room, there were teachers and students, film makers, poets, photographers, and doodlers. Our creative energy collided and combined into conversation that gave me a new perspective on our creative minds.

For the rest of the session, I doodled more circles into glasses and snails and frying pans and nodded along with my classmates’ and teachers’ points about imagination. In place of the creative block in my mind, I left the workshop with a new sense of inspiration and urge to create. But maybe it was just the pizza.