I was delighted to read the first blog post from food writers Eric and Mike.  In it, they take the reader on a tour -- maps included -- of famous and infamous pizza spots in Greenwich Village.  Best of all, they show off their writing chops and their observational skills.  Who knew that years of close reading in English class, research in history class, and writing across the curriculum would serve pizza so well?  Here's a sample: 

When our pizza finally arrived, it was oozing with authenticity. Unlike the pies that we’re used to, John’s wasn’t covered with gooey cheese that left ropes of mozzarella hanging from the sides of slices after they were yanked from the pie. John’s pie was heterogeneous, with splotches of red of all different shades, from firetruck to vodka sauce, all sprinkled with cloud-like pockets of mozzarella. The crust wasn’t thin, but it also wasn’t thick and doughy. The coal-fired char was a really nice touch that made it feel just that much more authentic. Our pizza reviewing group reached the unanimous decision that the plain was better than the sausage and ricotta. Granted, John’s had a great sausage topping, but there was no competing with the classic plain slices. After our pie (and a pitcher of delicious cream soda) we paid our bill and made our way back onto the brownstone-littered streets of Greenwich Village.

We're looking forward to seeing more posts from this dynamic duo.  Keep up with their adventures at: http://mm-metromeals.blogspot.com